i love books. the feel of the cover, the smell of the ink, the crack of the spine as i open a new book the first time. so you can imagine my delight when i arrived home rather late from work thursday night to find a package on my doorstep, with these two darling books inside. there was a feature on d*s last week about this domino book. i couldn't resist this beautiful book created by the designers of my favorite magazine. grace from d*s also mentioned this colors for your home book sometime last week, which is a great resource of interior designer's favorite colors and how to use them. i couldn't resist that one, especially since i always have a hard time picking out colors... i haven't gotten all the way through the domino book yet, but i'm about to spend some quality time with it before doug gets home from work. and the bonus? i got it for $10 off at amazon, and it includes a year's subscription to the magazine!

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