flocked paper...

okay, so i admit it. i really have it bad for flocked paper. i mean, if i could find some awesome chartreuse flocked wallpaper (that i could afford anyway) it would pretty much be covering my entire house right now. i guess that's why i like amanda's book so much. hot pink flocked paper? what more could you want... 

i love the funky flower paper on this book for rosa. i actually have this same paper in green and cream... very retro.

tana's book has got to be another one of my faves. the paper she selected for the cover is very leather-like and super soft. it was a pain to punch holes in for the binding though. :) oh well.

i made two books for a lovely lady named kacee. she's having quite a few guests and wanted to make sure that there were enough spots for photos of everyone. i just love how the polka dots show through that vellum ever so lightly. 

well folks, that's my book update for the week. i am trying to get together another etsy advice article for my few wonderful readers... just haven't decided what topic to cover. there are so many. so, if you have a question you have been pondering over or want to know more about a certain subject, just let me know! i will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

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