in an attempt to post photos other than of my books, i thought i would share this strange picture of our dog scottie, who finally got a haircut today. i just love that he has eyebrows. it makes him look distinguished :)  we had him trimmed schnauzer-style and he looks so adorable. for some reason he doesn't like looking at the camera when i try to take pictures of him. he must be camera-shy... like brandi's dog cotton. i know this isn't a very good photo but... it was taken in really bad light and i thought i would play around in photoshop and make it look a little funky. i normally take all my photos in our kitchen, but sadly it is overrun with business receipts in my attempt to 'organize' everything before the holidays. so here he is in my office/spare bedroom. as i'm sure you can tell by now, i like green. alot. anyway... there's my ramble for the night. (mainly it's just me avoiding the books...)

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