goals for october

let's talk goals. i know, it's scary... but it's got to be done. I didn't do too bad on my goals for september, though i did skip out on a few things (like listing new items :) i really do have a hard time pricing my items though. especially the magnets. and how many should be included in a set... got any ideas?

so what do i want for october? here we go:
     100 sales in my etsy shop (i am so close!)
     200 hearts
     5 local guestbook sales
     up my feedback (lots of ppl who buy from me are newbies who don't know about feedback)

in creating new items for my shop:
     yes, list those magnets that are waiting patiently for a new home on my fridge
     more notecards
     a small, inexpensive calendar (how exciting!)
     would also like to get a template set-up so that i can create baby books (boy & girl versions)

i know that i need to have more of a variety in my price range and maybe more people than just brides will look at my shop. (not that there's anything wrong with being a bride!) i have been pondering over baby books for awhile, but now i think it's time to step up my game. this would be a good opportunity to create something 'custom' that doesn't require quite as much work after an order has been placed. once i have a template set up all i have to do is print the pages :) this is speaking hypothetically of course. i will offer my usual selection of paper and design a front panel for the cover... but that's about all as far as customization goes for the baby book. 

i have also been contemplating photo albums and have even gone so far as to purchase a few that have glassine inserts between each page. these are basically just blocks of paper that are ready to be bound into a book. we'll see. my time has been running short lately. or maybe i just need to get more sleep. i don't know if i can handle more 'book' type orders. something that requires less assembly would probably be good to focus on. hence the notecards. and magnets. and did i mention calendars? have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see in my etsy shop? drop me a line at paperlustbooks@gmail.com and i will certainly think about it. 

see you later on this week... hopefully with a new etsy advice post as well as some new guestbooks.

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