diy camera bag?

remember when i was lusting after a new camera bag? well, i still hadn't purchased one, even though it was supposed to be my birthday present. i just couldn't make myself spend that much!

but, i bought some new equipment yesterday and decided it was time to figure out the bag situation. i came so close to getting the jo tote in scarlet... but when i saw how much shipping was and the fact that i was about to spend over $90 on a bag... i just couldn't do it. i did a search on 'diy camera bag' and several photographers mentioned this little ditty:

the tenba pro digital photo insert. $20 + free shipping? sold. it has great reviews, and i'm positive i can find a sturdy bag to use this in. and the freedom of being able to switch it out depending on my outfit/needs? that's awesome too.

so, i ordered it this morning. i'll update when it gets in and i find a bag for it. i'm so excited that i'll be carrying around something other than my plain black bag that screams CAMERA!

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