diy gift list | upcycling

last year, i remember the rush to finish our christmas shopping. it wasn't much, but there was always that nagging feeling that we had forgotten something. or someone. i swore that i would spend some time next year making some of my gifts. i figured that now would probably be a good time to start... so i'm going to do several roundups of tutorials/diys that i've found that might inspire you to make some of your own gifts this year! i'll be splitting these up into different sections, and adding to them if i find more fun stuff.

i thought i would start out with an upcycling list. i know there's only a certain group of folks this will probably be okay with, but there are some fun projects out there... and a few things i'd really like to make for myself!

(these would also make super cute magnets!)

(these too would make super cute magnets!)

(not really a tutorial, but great ideas on using these to personalize a gift!)

if you find others worthy, feel free to email me or add them in the comments. i really just pulled stuff that i think is appropriate for gift-giving.

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