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rugs! we are in the market for a new one in our living room, and i'm having a tough time deciding what i want. i don't know if it's the dogs constantly playing on top of it, or if we just bought a dud from the start, but our brown shaggy rug is starting to look pretty bad.

here are a few i found on overstock that i really love. all are really reasonable, and shipping is under $3! several of these are also wool...

our current rug is a brown shag. i'm half tempted to just replace it with a solid brown again since we know it will look good... but i'm just not sure. rugs are a great way to add a splash of color and pattern into a room, but maybe we have too much color right now? maybe that's why the brown works so well - it grounds it all together. although i think a dark grey would probably have a similar effect.

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