october books

a few october books went off in the mail yesterday. i really took them to fedex, but i think mail is easier to say and basically means the same thing.

this was the last of my olive flocked paper... it's so pretty. i just love flocked paper.

i just ordered this red a few weeks back. it is lovely in person, although i'm usually not a red person. not sure why, it's just never been a favorite over the years.

i was trying a few things out with the photos. i'm loving the shots from right above. you can see the whole book and nothing is skewed out of perspective. i guess i always thought that setup was too simple... but i'm learning that most of the time, the simplest solution is often the best.

it's starting to be that in-between time of year. you wake up in the morning freezing, and by lunch, you are rolling up your sleeves because it's too warm. aahhh, fall. just make up your mind already!

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