how was your weekend?

other than not feeling very good on monday, we had a great weekend.

saturday was spent working in the yard in the morning. a trip to the home depot that afternoon (i got a new rose bush!! i love garden roses. above is a photo of one of the blooms. i still need to plant it...) and then we had steaks with d's parents and his memaw.

sunday we went to the sneed family reunion. since i took my camera with me, i was deemed reunion photographer by memaw... which would have been fine had i checked my settings before clicking away. i managed to salvage most of the photos i took, although they are blurry around the edges. (depth of field was not set correctly for a group setting). that will teach me to look at everything before i start taking pictures.

monday we tried to get out and do some more garden/yard shopping done. i knew the home improvement stores would be busy, but GEEZ. parking lots were filled to the brim, and i would rather spend the extra $10 and shop when there aren't any sales going on.

what do we still need to do in the yard?
buy more boxwood. i bought and planted 4 this weekend to replace dead ones. i miscounted, though and will need several more. there are 2 that i am trying my best to save... i thought these were supposed to be hardy?

buy dirt/compost for the raised bed. we were going to do that monday... but didn't feel like hauling soil around a packed store.

plant my veggies in the raised bed. i am determined to have some home grown veggies this summer!

i also bought some sweet asylum and zinnia seeds that i am eager to sow. there were so many seed packets i wanted to buy, but left with these two, as well as radishes and carrots to try our hand at.

i also have some bags of mulch that need to be spread on all the beds. i'm tired of pulling weeds... i know this won't completely fix the problem, but it sure will help!

there are lots of other things that need to be done in the yard, but these are the ones i'm most concerned with. it's all starting to look so much better!

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