happy friday!!!

ahhh, i am super glad it's friday. and we have a long weekend! ours will be spent in the yard (again!) but things are beginning to shape up. we need to plant some more boxwoods to replace a few of the dead ones... pretty much put mulch down EVERYWHERE dirt is exposed... and maybe i can sneak a few new plants into our shopping cart as well.

here are some links from this week:

dreaming of this (pictured above) duvet cover from urban outfitters. isn't it lovely? i am seriously considering trying a diy on it. i think i could pull it off with 4 or 5 matching flat sheets... so similar to the anthropologie shower curtain i was crushing on last fall.

thinking of making these diaper pouches for a few of my pregnant buddies... so cute and they look fairly easy to make. from noodlehead.

this asparagus and spinach quiche looks heavenly... maybe i can make it for brunch soon? from closet cooking.

genius diy twine (or ribbon, i would think) holder. from justsomethingimade.

this homemade pesto sounds really good. i have been wanting to try my hand at making pesto since we seem to eat a lot of pasta (hey, it's easy to make!) and this sounds delish. from giverslog.

hope you all have a lovely (long) memorial weekend. i know i will enjoy the extra day off!!

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