bedroom inspiration.

beth's amazing guest bedroom, found via apartment therapy.

with our nightstands to be soon within our grasp, i've really started thinking a lot more about our bedroom. right now it's painted a rusty red that matches our winter comforter... and i just can't stand it anymore. so, i looked through my inspiration folder the other day, and noticed a trend. bright colors (what's new) with a mix of neutrals. so, here's my plan:

paint the walls a nice greige. nothing too dark... we have a huge window, but the curtains usually stay closed, unless d is out of town. he doesn't like the sunlight...

have fun with the bedding. this is where a nice pop of color will help the room from being too brown. i love the bedding on the above photo ( it's the bella hothouse quilt from anthro and a little above my price range) but i'd like to be able to change it with something inexpensive whenever i'm ready for a change.

accessorize with bright colors. i've got tons of stuff in the rest of the house - why not bring some cute stuff into the bedroom?

and my biggest challenge: spend as little as possible. we've already paid for the wood for the nightstands, so i'm not going to include it in my final count. i'm planning to buy paint for the walls and trim, shop in the rest of the house for accessories, make some free artwork for the walls, and maybe try to diy a duvet/quilt out of vintage fabrics. we've also discussed putting down this flooring everywhere there is currently carpet.

in the meantime, here are some pretty photos:

i'm shamefully admitting, i don't know where this image came from.

photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo, found on desire to inspire

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