nightstands are finished!

wow, this last week was something else. not only did our new nephew make it safely into the world, but we bought a new car and got our new (finished!) nightstands from d's dad!

this picture is awful - we had to stick them in my office for at least a week to let the finish cure and that room is pretty dark... but you can at least get an idea of what they look like! i want to get the bedroom painted before we even think of lugging them up the stairs. hopefully we can get a color picked out soon and maybe get it painted over the 3 day weekend.

d's dad and i worked together and came up with this design based on a few different nightstands we really liked. they are built out of walnut, with no stain. i love how they are slightly modern, but not so much that they can't fit in with some more traditional elements.

i can't wait to get this room looking the way i want it to. i'm still trying to decide what to do about bedding... hoping to find a cheap, thin quilt to use during the summer months as i already have something that will probably work for the winter...

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kd-m said...

soooo lovely—he did a great job! and congrats on the new cutie in the family, he's adorable!