friday links.

wow, the week has just flown by! i can't believe it's already friday... what all has happened this week? for me, we replaced the water pump and timing belt in my car - only to be told after the work was done that i also have a small crack in my radiator. woohoo! (sarcasm) i guess that means we get to go car shopping. as much as i do want a new car, i'm going to be sad to see my little red convertible go... i guess it's time to get a grown-up car. also, i think my camera is broken. it still takes pictures, but it's blurry on the sides. i thought i just had some settings screwed up, but after resetting everything to default, it's still there. so... i'm going to take it in and see what's wrong.

here are some links from the week. hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy father's day!!!

apartment therapy has a great list of low maintenance plants. i already have some sweet potato vine growing in the backyard... i really need to add a few more! it's so beautiful trailing down the side of a tall container.

really love this diy recycled t-shirt necklace tutorial from getcraftee. i'd love to try this with some patterned shirts...

these ginger-soy beef tenderloin kebabs sound delish. we really need to get our grill fired up... found on food for my family.

a diy duct tape dress form. that's what i said! if i ever get into sewing my own clothes, i'll definitely make one of these! thanks prudent baby!

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