crazy life.

life is crazy right now, and all i want to do is go outside and see this in my backyard. i have been reading so many gardening books lately that i have had dreams about flowers and foliage. what has gotten into me? i will have a beautiful yard someday, dammit. image from martha.

what other crazy things have been going on?
-we celebrated our 2 year anniversary last week
-dear brandi has left hartsfield design to pursue grad school in virginia
-they keep moving doug's schedule around at the hospital, yay...
-wedding guestbooks, of course
-we keep finding more things at the house that need to be worked on/fixed
-an anniversary party that needs invites and a cake later this month
-that in addition to the million other projects that i want to start or need to complete:
painting/rearranging my office
front/backyard makeover
painting a few nightstands
painting my makeshift outdoor bench
...and lots of other things that i want to someday accomplish

how has you life been? i think everyone is super busy right now...


Miss Pepping said...

Oh man! You are really busy!! That's not really new though. :) You've always been amazing at juggling a million projects. I know, I think everyone's been really busy lately. I've just been trying to get settled in here. I feel right at home at work but not at home. Granted, I've been in my apt all of one week. It's great to hear you haven't slowed down! Keep posting pics of your projects!

paperlust said...

hey there! yes, i think everyone's been really busy lately... but i couldn't imagine moving to a place like new york and starting a new job (at least, not right now)! it all sounds so very wonderful, and i'm sure you're enjoying city life :) i always enjoy reading your blog...

Ujiny said...

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