wallpaper love.

okay... so while i'm still crazy about getting our yard in order... i am now officially obsessing about wallpaper again. this time for our downstairs bathroom. 

i have already purchased paint for it (a very dark, plum purple)... but need to get wallpaper too. for those of you who have never seen the inside of our house, our bathrooms are a little different. there is an outer area for the sink and cabinets... and then there is a separate area for the shower/tub and toilet. these areas are separated by what i call 'corral' doors. doug hates them. wants to tear them down. except that they would leave extremely large holes in the doorway, and i'm not ready to deal with that. i actually like the doors. they offer privacy and keep the two areas separate. 

so, the outer area has this off-white vinyl wallpaper that's probably been there since the house was built. it's not cool retro wallpaper... it just needs to go away. there's also a nice ugly patch in the wall where someone opened the door a little too hard. beautiful. we retextured the walls in the upstairs bathroom when we took down this same lovely wallpaper and found out how messy and expensive retexturing is. and then you have to paint! so... it will be just as much, if not a little less costly, to just pick out some great wallpaper and go from there. the problem is, which wallpaper to pick?

the inner area is currently painted white, and that's where the purple paint will go... our tile is white, as well as our cabinets, tub and tile.

i am really wanting to go with a black, white and purple color scheme, with silver/gray mixed in. i have certainly thought of other crazy color combos, but want this to be something that will appeal to others if/when we sell our home. i want drama, but don't want to go too over-the-top. here are the top competitors so far...  

any thoughts or ideas? i am planning to order a few samples once i narrow it down a little... but i've only hung wallpaper once and have never picked any out for a room before. and i can't decide...

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Mary J said...

I love to read homedecorating magazines and I have always loved designs that are mellow and in pastel colors. They definitely make your house look fresher.