things i'm loving.

brilliant diy outdoor bottle torch found on d*s. a few changes i would make... etch a design on the outside and just make it to sit on a table (a stable one!) or on a paved surface. add this to my list of things to do...

this website i found recently... great articles by professional photographers, with advice/tips on everything digital. haven't had much time to focus on that lately, but it's on my list of priorities. that, and both of the boys in my life don't like to be photographed! i am also looking for a few willing models to start a portfolio and get some practice in...

old door turned table (another great before & after found on d*s) using the base of an old sewing machine table and a found wooden door. so simple... would love to put this in our backyard for a little extra storage!

and i'm so very glad it's friday. doug has saturday off and i think i will be heading to amarillo early sunday morning (in a car with a non-working air conditioner, nonetheless!)

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