more books.

ahhh, it's monday again. and there's that familiar feeling that i didn't get enough done this weekend! on top of that, i've been really bad about posting finished books. here are a few that were completed early last week for my photobooth friend. and i know there are still a few other books that were done, but i'll have to dig around to find the photos for those...

and i know i say this about a lot of my books, but i really love that pink and orange one! i've had that paper for awhile now, and no one has ever selected it.... i hope they enjoyed it!

what did you do this weekend?
i painted in our bathroom (everything is turning purple in there, so exciting!)
went out for a nice dinner with my husband
traveled to amarillo to drop off a car and to spend time with the family
worked on a few books
working on ideas for the cake i have to make next weekend...

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