new books! yay!

here are a couple of books that i have neglected to post over the last few weeks... i know, i know, i'm behind! i've been pretty busy, though, so give me a break?

i really love the way lara's book turned out. the simplicity of the brown and green is just beautiful. and i did learn something new! the little swirly motif can be found under the wood ornaments (typeface/dingbats), who would've thought?

sara was brave enough to try out some new paper i picked up at the new paper-source in dallas (when we were on vacation, of course). i think it turned out great... i just love the gold swirly pattern...

dominique is having a peacock themed wedding and chose this marbled paper for her book. you can't see it in the photo, but the gold in the swirls is metallic and pops right off the paper.

and stacey... another beautiful book made with this kraft/flourish paper. this stuff has never disappointed me because it seems to match everything i pair with it :)

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