so let's talk about my goals from july. i didn't accomplish all of them, but i think i did a pretty good job (on most!). i ended the month with 52 sales (goal was 50) and finally reached over 100 hearts on my etsy shop. 

i didn't do quite so well with the other goals though. i didn't introduce those new products to my shop... i didn't create the new earrings... and i just finally got my stuff to the retail location that i am starting to sell at here in the LBK. (i have yet to order my brochures though...)

so what does august have in store for me? now that i finally have some sample stuff at hodgepodge, hopefully i will get some orders in locally. i also have a gal i'm working with that owns a photobooth rental business... more on that another day though.
so, here are my goals for august:
~70 sales (on etsy) by the end of the month
~150 hearts
~move office in with the hubby's (so there will be an actual 'spare' bedroom! heaven forbid people want to come stay with us...)
~10 local book sales
~(maybe) new earring designs
i think for now that's enough on my plate. i'm also looking at purchasing some photo album (complete with spine) blocks and making real photo albums to go in my shop too. i've found some that include glassine inserts to keep your photos safe. i will also most likely be raising my prices towards the end of the month. 

ok folks, it's time to get some sleep!

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