in the kitchen...

i was thinking earlier about the things that we've done to our home since we moved in this past january. longer is the list of things that we still need (and/or want) to do to our investment. the funny thing is that my favorite room to spend time in is the kitchen. why is that funny? i don't particularly like to cook. it's not that i don't enjoy it to some extent... but i always get nervous about trying out a new recipe. and i hate going to the grocery store to just get a few ingredients. i love looking through interesting cookbooks, but get frustrated when i have no clue what some of the ingredients are or where i would find them in my local grocery store. maybe my love of the colors, textures and gorgeous natural light in this little room will inspire me to learn to make new tasty meals and experiment a little more with ingredients... or a least make me want to eat at the table more often:)

our little kitchen table we got from my friend, and my father in law graciously refinished it for us. it has these nifty little leaves hidden under the top that just pull out when you want to expand the table. it's also the perfect spot to take pretty photos of guestbooks. my father in law also made the mixer stand and the white shelves in the corner. 

i really wish we had more counterspace, but we have lots of storage for our needs, so i can't complain too much.

this is also the spot of some of my favorite things. the vintage clock was a wedding gift from my grandparents. i'd always admired that clock hanging in my grandparent's kitchen, so i was thrilled when they told me i could take it home! the art is just some random stuff... a screenprint purchased from an artist on ebay, an andy warhol gun print, and some flowers made from... well i'm not sure, but it's not paint. i saw it at the acb thriftstore and had to have it.

i would really like to focus on the living room next... we painted it a nice peachy color when we moved in. doug and i really thought it would look great with the white fireplace, bookshelves and white tile. fresh and clean... but not so much. there's really not enough light to give the effect i was looking for. so now i'm off to the drawing board again, hopefully the second time around will be better...

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kd-m said...

okay amanda, now that you've shared (beautiful!) photos of your kitchen (and made J drool over it, btw...) I PROMISE to post some of our studio soon. we just put up some shelves to help with our organizational problems.