i love me some vintage

as i was on my way to amarillo saturday morning to spend time with the folks, i decided to stop at an estate sale that my mom had told me about earlier last week. i love estate sales. especially when the person just kept everything and never threw anything out. well this estate sale was in a beautiful 3-story house (with a basement!) in the historic part of plainview, tx. there were beautiful serving dishes and furniture, but the best part was on the third floor. there was a closet full of vintage dresses. not all of them were my style, and i only had a few bucks to spend, so when i laid my eyes on this gorgeous red and pink polka dot dress... i had to have it. it has this translucent fabric over a full skirt of netting. not that i would ever have anywhere to wear it to, but... you know. well, i'm sad to say that when i tried it on later that evening in amarillo to show the parents my unique find... it didn't fit! now, i'm not the smallest girl ever... but i'd like to think my upper body is pretty narrow and i can usually fit into some of the smaller vintage dresses that i find. but alas, i could only get the zipper about halfway up my back before it wouldn't budge anymore. oh well, at least i have another awesome piece of history hanging in my closet.

i also found this pretty little nightgown. it's about as long as i am tall, but it had this intricate lace detail on the front that i couldn't pass up.

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