horses and links.

i really meant to post this last friday as usual, but just never got around to it! i had a great opportunity a few fridays ago to photograph some horses outside of town. it was great to practice on not-so-still subjects. once i'm done editing, i'll definitely post a follow-up with more images.

here are a few links from last week:

a sunburst pillow would look great just about anywhere. another addition to my list of sewing projects! on noodlehead.

this chicken recipe on always order dessert sounds delish.

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Motel Davis said...

Hi! I'm trying to reach you to ask you some questions for a wedding I have coming up...it would be super helpful if you had any sort of contact information on your blog? Anywho...my e-mail is davisfotoandfilm@yahoo.com if you would please get back to me? Thank you!!