Summer 2010 To Do List

well, i've made a little bit of progress on my list... we painted the bedroom this past weekend and i absolutely love the color. we used behr's paint and primer in one in wheat bread (it's really a warm gray), and it only took 2 coats to cover the dark red! i couldn't believe it. i also painted the trim a bright white and we moved the nightstands upstairs. yay! d's mom gave use a white quilt they no longer use, and i need to find/make some colorful covers for our pillows and hang some artwork. i'll be so glad when everything is back in order in there... that room never really felt finished, but hopefully soon it will be.

here are a few shots so you can get an idea of the color. it changes with the light, though, so kind of hard to photograph consistently. i think it goes pretty well with our tan sheets, and now i want to make/find some sort of headboard... this room really needs the extra color now! and as you can see, i'm not quite finished painting all the doors, but you can see the cream color all the trim was before. you also get a good glimpse of our gross green/blue carpet. we've vacuumed, cleaned... everything to that carpet, but it's got stains that won't go away. we're hoping to install some new flooring soon...

last weekend was a good time to paint - we got around 12 inches of rain in the past few days - making outside work impossible unless you wanted to take a shower at the same time. it's rained more this week as well... fun stuff.

we've still got a ways to go, sadly, on our list. i still haven't planted any veggies... and i'm starting to wonder if maybe i've waited too long to catch up. i may grab some tomato and squash plants at the store this week and stick them in the ground. i have some cucumber and beans that are growing in my biodome... they are probably ready to be transplanted soon.


finish bathroom

paint bedroom

clean and organize office/spare bedroom

clean and organize sunroom

organize bedroom closet

sew new cover for cedar chest


fence raised bed and plant veggies

spread the rest of the mulch

get branches out of the backyard

plant alyssum and zinnia seeds

make/find/purchase some sort of larger outdoor table

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