now that the room is painted, i've been obsessing about headboards. what shape? what color? what material? how tall? i (of course) don't want to spend tons of money, and fully intend on making it myself. it needs to be pretty big-impact as the walls are very neutral now (you have to remember, light colored walls are new to me!) but something that i will like for several years or something that can be easily changed on a whim.

i've considered using the wallpaper we purchased for the downstairs bathroom. it's black, white and gray... and we wouldn't have to spend hardly any money. i would probably frame it out with some quarter round or decorative edge painted black. also, it's really neutral so i could change the colors of the linens without having to worry about it clashing with the headboard. this is probably my favorite right now of my ideas... but we like to lean up against the wall while reading or watching tv and i would prefer something that's 1) padded and 2) not going to be damaged if it gets a little damp from my hair (after a shower).

i also love the idea of a simple fabric headboard in a solid color. again, i could use patterns pillows to make things interesting. but then again, i would need to figure out a color that could go with several of our bedspreads and that i would enjoy looking at for a while.

i've also thought about just buying a flat sheet and hanging it from the top of the wall. this is probably the least expensive of my ideas since i can get a king size flat sheet for less than $15 at target and there are tons of color options.

and d pretty much doesn't care as long as he doesn't have to do too much of the work... and i guess as long as it isn't purple (he turned his nose up at a dark purple shower curtain i was eyeing last weekend. i guess i should be happy he let me buy a purple couch and let me paint the downstairs bathroom purple.)

any thoughts? i may just be over thinking this... but i'd like to get it right the first time!

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