love. my. new. lens.

although i haven't quite figured out the best settings to use it on (hey, i just got it thursday, okay?), i have realized it will probably be the lens that gets the most use. why? because i can now take pictures indoors with no flash and without worrying about bumping up the iso to ridiculous numbers.

and although many people gave it bad reviews when it came to bokeh, i think it will work well for my needs. and don't worry, the dogs are getting groomed this weekend. see what happens after 2 weeks of nonstop rain?

i told d i wouldn't post any photos of him on the blog, but you won't say anything, right? i was just amazed by this... there are no lights on in the living room, no flash... just the sunlight coming in from the kitchen window.

and then of course, i just had to try it out in the garage... also no lights, just some sun from the windows. do you like the new car?

just in case you're wondering, the lens i got is a nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX AF and i chose it because the built-in autofocus works with my D60.

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