new lamp!

as i wait for my new friend, willie, to fix our refrigerator, i thought i would show you my new lamp that i acquired about an hour ago. it's metal, it's heavy... and it only cost me $15.

i found it on craigslist yesterday... and while i usually wouldn't pay that much for a used lamp (i know, i'm cheap) i could tell from the photo it was probably an expensive one brand new. and i was right... the guy i bought it from said it came from restoration hardware. and while i couldn't find this exact model on their site, the two that came the closest were $200 and $300! not bad, huh?

i figure it will look pretty swanky in the bedroom once our nightstands are finished up. i really had my heart set on a pair of matching lamps, but i think we can mix and match and it will still look good. i love how industrial it looks...

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