oh christmas tree

putting up our tiny christmas tree last week made me think of past christmases before i got all grown up... my family always purchased a live tree from a local store and i remember the fresh smell of pine needles that filled our home after we brought it inside. my family stopped putting up live trees not long after i moved out of the house, and it kind of makes me sad. i know that's not quite as eco-friendly as i would like with cutting down the trees and all... however, i would love to keep that tradition, but the man i married is allergic to many things, including evergreens. plus if i really wanted to, i could just decorate one of the many we have around our current house. 

so here is our little christmas tree, ready for the holidays. i bought it when i moved into a small efficiency apartment and haven't had the heart (or the room really) to get a bigger one. it doesn't hold nearly as many ornaments as i would like... but hey, it works! (and yes, that orange madness is our living room...)

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