weekly photos challenge | tired

i realized yesterday that i missed the perfect photo opportunity. my daddy bill (aka grandad) has been in the hospital a few days; visiting he and my memom is almost torture. she is so tired. he is unforgiving and older than i remember. it's been especially hard watching the people you love grow older, knowing there is an expiration for everything. wishing i had brought my camera, but wondering if i would have the courage to snap those photos i would cherish. the photos that would not be about the people, but about the crow's feet and smile lines. the twinkle that is still there after so many years.

instead i dig, pulling fond memories from my closet. these shoes that are inanimate, but have grown their own personality over a number of years. i cannot stand to wear them, but can't bear the thought of throwing them away.

i recently stumbled upon this list of 53 weekly themes over at dps (a great place to learn more about photography, btw), and while i'm not going to do the whole 365 thing, i would like to get out and photograph something new every week. i think this is a great way to start thinking outside the box and develop my photographic style (and, you know, get better).

i'll post at least one photo a week for my challenge here on the blog. since i'm a little behind, i'm going to try and play catch-up since it's only a few extra themes. also, i'll probably have a little write-up for each photo. a little prose, if you will...

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