friday link love.

man, am i glad it's friday. it seems like my whole little world is sick right now, and i'm just trying to stay in the game. i made progress on organizing last weekend, and hopefully i can continue the process in the next few days. in other news? i'm trying to stifle my lust for a new camera...

here are some links from the week:

i love starburst mirrors. the price... not so much. love this great diy from modhomeec.

this doily lamp makes me smile. via that's happy.

everything LEB shared this idea to dye fabric lamp shades. love it. considering i have no idea what to do with a lamp in our bedroom... this just may work.

these pompom shoe clips are a.dor.a.ble. thanks grosgrain for making me want to make dozens of these.

loving this diy picture ledge on chez larsson. i've considered building something similar, but don't know where i'd put it...

amazing stenciled floor over on ashleyann. d would never (ever) let me do something like this, but i think it's fantastic.

okay friends... stay well!

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