friday link love.

sorry, i've been a bad blogger (again) this week. i've always got ideas for posts, and then BAM! it's friday and i've done nothing.

since i'll be home this weekend, i'm hoping to clean out some closets and get things a little more organized. since i brought home a slew of new clothes from last weekend's shop til you drop event, i need to get rid of some things i don't (and probably shouldn't) wear anymore.

also, i tried out my silhouette this week. about time, huh? and it. is. awesome. i will definitely post some photos of things i've cut out... but expect to see projects, my friends. i've already agreed to help cut stuff out for a baby shower and a wedding for this year, so it will get put to good use.

anyway, on to the links...

as someone who is thinking of someday building a custom home, this article about kitchen renovations is a good read. centsational girl goes over several things i hadn't even thought of.

loving these mirrored closet doors over at the lettered cottage. they make everything look so much more modern.

this bathroom before and after over on the happy home is lovely. it's amazing how different the space looks.

how cute are these cardboard faux logs? d*s always has great diy projects.

i really love the test tube spice racks i've been seeing and was reminded of how easy one would be to diy when i saw the tutorial over on dream book design.

need a cool baby shower gift? i'll be making these diy baby wipes for the next one i attend! via what can brown blog for you?

this article on altering jewelry got me thinking about a few pieces i could easily combine. i have a few bulky pieces that could be broken down and added to other pieces... over on make it and love it.

also, a few (new to me) blogs that i love:

have a wonderful weekend!!

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