the love of type.

i love books. and i love great typography. i even love black and hot pink. i'm sure many of you remember sitting in typography class, working on your type poster (mine was garamond) and maybe thinking how silly it all was. studying each letterform so meticulously. and how in awe we were every time a professor could shout out what typeface we had used before we could even look in our notes. well, type is our life and we love it dearly now. and we embrace it.

this was posted on poppytalk yesterday, but i just thought i would share it here as well. graphic designer judith shalansky created this book fraktur mon amour as her homage to the gothic/blackletter typefaces. and printed it all in black and pink! so beautiful. how i would love to own one of these... and gently caress each pink-edged page of blackletter goodness...

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