couch frenzy

i have been in search of the perfect sofa (within my budget!) for quite some time now. since i live (oh yeah, we're married) with a very picky man who loves his comfort, it has been a rather difficult challenge to find something that fits our style, is beautiful and is also comfortable. we also have a doggie that loves his couch time, so i have to consider colors and fabrics as well... and while i love pretty much everything vintage - doug does not always feel this way. he has more modern tendencies, which i can certainly live with. i like to think of our style as vintage flea market with a modern edge.

the photo above, courtesy of design sponge and this is glamorous took my breath away. the color, the shape, the buttons, the texture... it is everything i have been looking for. i even love the curtains! now the hunt is on to find something similar that we can afford. i know that it would probably be wise to not worry about it until after doug graduates... but i can't help but look now. i found one very similar for sale in houston... but unfortunately we both drive (very small) cars... so, friends, if you just happen find something similar that is affordable (and that you are not planning to buy for yourself) please send me a line, pick up the phone, or please - stop by the office! 

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Anonymous said...

haha i saw that picture on D*s and thought of you!! so you and fabulous : )