estate sale finds

i don't get to go to estate sales as often as i would like. but when i do, i'm always in search of a hidden treasure that someone has left behind. and i'm always in awe of the things people sell at estate sales. old photographs, the beloved old chiffon prom dress, diaries, family bibles and heirloom quilts... all for sale and waiting for a new home. i was giving the house one last sweep on saturday before i purchased my finds for the day: several yards of some textured green fabric, an ornate brass frame and a box of old blue glass christmas ornaments (the finish chipping off to reveal the shiny silver underneath!) when i stumbled across a weathered blue notebook on an end table. i opened it up, and to my surprise it was filled with handwritten recipes - all dated (anywhere from 1933 to 1970) and many had names from where the recipe came from. now, i'm not much of a cook, but i couldn't believe that someone was going to sell this. so i bought it (for a whopping $3) - in hopes that i will be inspired to learn more about cooking from scratch from the old, worn pages. so now it is part of my treasured collection of things i hope my family decides not to sell at my estate sale. 

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brandi p said...

WOW! what a great find!