friday link love.

i am having a hard time believing 1) that it's already friday and 2) that it's already april. it must be a result of aging. time goes exponentially faster the older you get!

this week has been a good one - between great projects at work and editing photos when i get home. i am really going to try and focus more of my time on photography. i love taking and editing pictures, and the time spent working on ella's session really reinforced that.

anyway, enough about me! here are some links...

i really adore this 'love' photo print frame from design aglow. i'm thinking i need to put something together like this from some of our wedding pics...

diy camera bag on vanilla and lace. love this! i've been wanting something a little smaller for when i don't want to tote everything with me...

a new diy flower pin that is beautiful! if i have some free time this weekend, i'd love to make a few of these. on say yes to hoboken.

love this idea of printing on glass jars. this would be perfect for gifts! featured on mint.

these magnets are awesome. now, to just get ahold of some pantone chips... on how about orange.

this roundup of easy projects with wood pallets is pretty amazing. i never would have thought to use a pallet as a vertical planter! over on you paid more than me.

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