baby ava and friday links.

wow, three posts in one week! as much as i would like to post daily... life just comes first, you know? here's a pic of little ava, who i took pictures of earlier this week. i'm still editing her photos, but this was a favorite i just had to share. i am looking forward to this weekend... can't believe it's already friday once again.

some links from the week...

i adore these tiny diy polaroid magnets on ambrosia girl. all these baby pics i've been taking... wouldn't they be fun in tiny magnet format?

this inside-out cake is gorgeous! not only is it beautiful, but it seems like it would take less time that fully icing the cake. on sweetapolita.

hello, plastidip silverware! i've got some estate sale serving stuff that would look awesome with a coating like this... on the way we are.

diy straw and shoestring necklace on i spy diy. i could see this made with some brass tubing and a leather cord for a more upscale look...

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