i was all prepared to talk about what i've been doing with those little fabric roses, but decided to wait a little longer. you see, something i made with them is for someone special that i'll be seeing this weekend, so, i didn't want to spoil the surprise! i have been a busy little bee with projects for many things... hopefully i can share some of them soon! in the meantime, i thought i would share some links and awesomeness i've found recently...

a recently discovered die-cutting machine that allows you to cut out things you've drawn in illustrator. a dream come true!

a tutorial for making your own seed tape. helpful for teeny tiny seeds that are hard to sow.

beautifully designed dessert tables by amy atlas. so much inspiration here when you are planning a party!

refashioning a t-shirt into a necklace. i have lots of old t-shirts that would be perfect for this!

a beaded fabric necklace tutorial... i think old t-shirts would be perfect for this project too.

information on square foot gardening. i'm going to be trying this method out soon (you know, after we build our raised beds someday)

fed up with school lunch. i may not have kids, but this is some pretty interesting stuff. it baffles me how much things have changed since i was in school.

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