lamps... yes, please.

now that i have nightstands off the brain, my next thoughts are of lamps. but not just any lamps... matching lamps. beautiful, matching lamps. all the images that i find of bedrooms that i love have matching lamps. and now that our nightstands are going to be a little bigger (and have storage!) i don't mind taking up a little space with something beautiful that sheds a little light. ideally, i would love to take home these gourd lamps from west elm. but... that's not quite in the budget. and i usually have a hard time finding two of a kind (that i like) at the thrift store. but, who knows? maybe i'll get lucky! if not, i think i could settle with these other options i found for around the $20 price range (per lamp).

jonsbo lamp from ikea. i'm really loving the clear glass base that's similar to the one above. now... if we only had an ikea nearby... because they don't ship lamps.

i really love this one from target. my only issue with it is that it will probably clash with the walnut wood we are using for the nightstands.

and i really love this base from target. problem is that shades can get pricey. as in more than the actual base... so if i could find something that comes with a shade, that would be ideal.

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