how was your weekend?

i had a fabulous weekend. friday after work, i treated myself to a little thrifting... and found a few things. my favorite is this vintage purse i can't wait to use for a special occasion. i used to find great vintage purses all the time, but they seem to be in short supply now...

on saturday i made this little clock as a present for a friend. my FIL made the wooden backs for me... and i pulled out the spray paint and some cute paper.
inspired by these awesome clocks by andfurthermore

sunday morning i made my favorite biscuits and pulled out the last of some tasty preserves... and watched 30rock from our instant queue.

how was your weekend?

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Ujiny said...

Yummy cookies! What kind of preserves? Berry, Apricots,,,
I had kept a house in rainy weekend.