now that things outside are looking better, i am going to focus a little more on the downstairs bathroom project that i had hoped to be finished with by now :) the interior bathroom is painted and now i'm thinking about the countertop. right now it's painted marble. that's right, we have marble countertops, but they are painted. i am going to use some paint thinner and see if i can take a little off and get a view of what's underneath, but i'm afraid i'm probably not going to like it. after looking at the cost of marble, granite and solid surfaces, i've decided either tile or concrete may be the way to go. i really like the look of the small mosaic tiles, but they can get pretty pricey as well. and... you have more grout to clean. but with it going in the guest bathroom, it's not going to get as much use. photo above from hakatai

here is the other tile option for the countertops. something a little bigger, not as much grout to keep clean, and still very modern looking. and i am also spying that kohler sink that they've used... i really love this look, but feel i would need to paint the cabinets underneath dark to keep that modern feeling going, otherwise, it's just going to be a bunch of white on white... photo above from thesexybathroom

concrete is something else i have been looking into. if you get it professionally done, it can be upwards of $100 per square foot. but... i have found a place online that sells instructions and materials to take on such a project. ambitious? yes... my concern is that it may be too modern whenever we decide to sell the house. that and it is very labor intensive and if it's not done just right, will yield less than satisfactory results. image above from myhomus

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