more diy.

i promise i will try my very best to limit my garden posting after this... but i just couldn't resist sharing these great diy ideas (and beautiful photos) from a new favorite website: diyideas.com.
this website has tons of great ideas and tells you how to put it all together! seriously considering subscribing to the magazine... but it seems like every mag i subscribe to goes under... is it me?

the pots above would be great to fill with herbs and attach to the side of our storage building...
and i have already considered fencing off an area for the garden so that our dog won't think we've created a personal salad bar for him... this would be a nice pop of color...

i have several vegetable/fruit cans saved from cooking that i just couldn't bear to toss, thinking surely i could use them for something. well, now i know what i'm going to use them for!

these are a little more advanced than what i will probably be able to do myself, but i would love to create a little pond out of an old tub!

and this little shelter is to die for... i've dreamt of building a pergola to stand on the concrete block of what used to hold the little metal storage shed. though with our west texas winds, i don't know that attaching fabric of any kind would be very smart...

and of course, didn't really get to work in the yard much this weekend... (sigh) maybe soon!

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