i'm sure most of you have already seen these images on d*s, but i can't keep them out of my head. 'going green' is the hot new thing, and but david stark has gone to a whole new level of recycling. and why not? these pieces are made almost entirely of cardboard or shredded paper - things most households have on a pretty regular basis. did you ever think cardboard could be so beautiful?

while i might not be up to putting together a full blown cactus or tall vase, i could see making a few bowls to house random items around the house. they would even be great gifts for those who enjoy receiving diy/handmade. the clocks are pretty awesome as well... and since i already have quite a collection at home, why not add a few more?

i'm not saying we should all go home and start tearing up old boxes and shredding paper for craft projects... what i am saying is that next time you start to throw something away, think about other uses for it if it can't be recycled (or even if it can). i am also not suggesting that you hoard stuff and clutter up your home. i have been battling this for awhile myself, and need to clean some things out that i really can't use. but, what if someone else can use it? post it on craigslist or freecycle! can you make something useful out of it? i made our christmas cards with leftover paper, a few stray envelopes, and small bits of decorative paper that otherwise would have gone in the trash (the same size pieces i use to make my glass magnets). and i have often tossed stuff only to realize later that i could have really used it... 

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brandi p said...

YeeeeAAAAA for recycling!!!!