was browsing through the art section on etsy, looking for some inspirational words, when i came across these pieces by SuspectShoppe. i really love the handwritten type (of course) and the playful little elephant. how cute would he be in a baby's room?

for some reason i have become obsessed with collecting art lately. i already have quite the pile that needs to be matted and framed... so why do i need to buy more? because i do. 

sorry for the lack of posting this week. really had my mind elsewhere lately... hopefully i will be a little more focused this next week...i hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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f2images said...

These are super sweet. I totally identify with the "art collecting". And don't have nearly enough wall space to support my habit! I too have a small pile that needs matting/framing. And want to buy more!!! Do we need an intervention?...lol

Emiko ;)