oh july!

i think a very important thing for any business to do is create goals for each month and try (operative word here) to reach them. i kind of made some some goals for june about mid-way through the month... so i don't think it really counts (although i did reach a few of those goals). so... here as a constant reminder for the month of july... are my goals for this month:

1:: reach 50 sales in my etsy store by the end of the month
2:: introduce 3 new products
3:: set-up shop in my newest (and only) retail location (hodgepodge!) and get 5 guestbook orders
4:: introduce 2 new earring styles
5:: improve upon my photography skills and knowledge of the camera
6:: learn a new craft/skill (currently i really really want to learn soap making, dunno why!)
7:: give away one free guestbook through a giveaway on my blog

this is something i'm going to try (there's that word again) to follow every month and see if it actually does improve my business.

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