where do my weekends go?

so...when i ask my friends what they did during the weekend, most of them reply "oh nothing, we just watched movies" or "worked in the yard" (not so jealous of that one, though). 

so what did i do this weekend, might you ask? i made lots of earrings. leather earrings. cut with my trusty exacto knife. i had a large order (8 is considered large to me!) come in late last week and since doug had to work at the hospital this weekend, i spent most of my time cutting and staining leather. they're still not quite finished (need more silver findings) but i'll have them done early this week. thanks again tatiana for your order!

not all of them, obviously, but they're still a work in progress.

and what was i doing when i wasn't playing with my leather (that doesn't sound very good, huh?)? i also decided to finish painting our new shelves in our utility room and sort through a bunch of junk that's been in there since we moved in. and guess what i found? an art project from way back in the day (we're talking early teenage years), a little dusty but still intact. a kitty sculpture made from found objects, i can't believe i still have it! haven't really decided what to do with it...i don't want to throw it away but it's not really something that i want displayed with my other artwork, you know? anyway, if you know somebody that needs a wacky cat sculpture, let me know :) 

maybe i could put it in my backyard to deter stray cats?

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