goodbye 2010, hello 2011.

as 2010 nears to a close, i've started thinking about this past year and how it has changed me. as much as i wish i had the power to change so many things that have taken place - those events have ultimately made me a different person and altered my path in life significantly. and it was not all bad this year - there were many wonderful things that happened as well! let's just say i'm ready to get 2010 behind me and start a new year.

so what do i have planned for this next year? i've written down a few things that i'd like to take charge of. because if i've learned anything this year, it's that life is fragile and you don't know what will happen tomorrow.

my health. it's not that i eat junk food all the time or don't get any exercise... but i could stand to do more than i do right now, and that will be a priority starting now.

my family. is there much to say here other than i need to spend more time with them?

my organizational skills. those need some help. i need to put on my big girl pants and purge the stuff that i really don't need and organize what i do.

my sanity. i've been feeling the urge to paint (not the walls) and i've got a few ideas in mind with where to start. art was always an outlet for me and even though it's now my job to be creative, i've still got to do my own thing every once in a while.

my house. it needs some tlc. there are still projects unfinished that are driving me crazy and i'd like to get some work done on it this year. we're not going to live there forever, and i would prefer not to wait until selling time to fix it up a little.

my blog. i am really going to try and post more content: more photography and design stuff. definitely more house updates, diys and tutorials.

what do you want to do in 2011?

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