could it really be here? my daffodils seem to think so... almost all 50 of them have bloomed! this has been an especially hard winter, it seems. from snowy, dangerous roads... to family i wish i could spend every extra minute with... i feel like spring will hopefully bring with it good tidings.

and speaking of change... d and i have changed our minds (again) over a few things about our home. while we love our little house, it truly is a starter home! we are ready for something larger soon, as our dreams and plans for the future continue to change and grow. we realize we need more space and have altered our plans of renovation.

downstairs bathroom | nope, it's still not finished! we have decided to just forget about the wallpaper and just texture and paint. it won't be as awesome - but i don't want the wallpaper to be a potential turn-off to renters or buyers. and i figure 2 rolls should be enough to do a bathroom or accent wall wherever we live next... if not, it didn't cost that much and i can always just sell them on ebay!

kitchen | i really need to repaint the cabinets. they look great from far off, but paint is starting to chip off, and it will have to have a fresh coat sooner or later.

sunroom | i really thought we would love this room when we bought the house, but it's turned into kind of a pain. the floor will definitely need to be repainted in here as well.

outdoors | the front yard is looking much, much better, although it still needs lots of work. the backyard is the nightmare... which is sad because it looks much better than it did when we moved in. but, i planted my seeds in my biodome this last weekend, so i'll have to get some raised beds started soon...

rest of the house | i know we'll end up painting the living room and probably all of the bedrooms before we leave. who wants an orange living room besides me? not many people i don't think. i also want to add crown molding in the rest of the house. it makes a room look so much more polished for not much $$$.

those are the plans for now... i'm sure they will change again before this is all said and done!

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