catching up.

i've been a bad blogger, and i'm sorry. life has just.... taken over, you know? to catch up on things:

i'm still making my books, i'm just not very good at posting pics of them when they have been finished. i have enjoyed making them this past few years, but i'm feeling that maybe that's coming to a close. i have so many other things that i would like to focus on, and i feel that just making them for close friends and family for special occasions would help me allocate my time a little better and explore my many other interests.

our yard is slowly coming along. i have devised a scheme to get rid of a few stumps in the front yard in preparation of planting many, many japanese boxwood. lets hope it works, it's kind of redneck... i have ordered 100 daffodils and eagerly await their arrival. they will go in the front yard. i am also having a hard time selecting a climbing rose for our front entry (sigh). grass is still growing in the backyard, but i have given up on my zucchini and squash. better luck next year!

the bathroom project is also making steady progress. i have a few spots that need touching up, but the interior part of the bath is very, very purple. and i love it. and i can't wait to hang stuff up in there. now we shall proceed with phase II... redoing the countertop, painting the cabinets, replacing hardware, hanging wallpaper... all that fun stuff. i hope to be done before halloween? please beware that if you come stay with us, you may be commissioned to sand or paint something...

doug is still currently looking for some work pertaining to industrial engineering. if you hear of anything, please let me know :)

also, i am eagerly awaiting some time out of town. i didn't really expect to get to go anywhere this year, but we are entertaining the idea of renting a little cabin in ruidoso and spending some time outside of texas. i have fond memories of my trip there last october, and we both agree that it is well worth the money to just relax for a few days.

i guess that's all. i still having other projects in the works... i hope you all had a nice labor day weekend!


Ujiny said...

You are a good blogger.
Everybody has to understand, your blog will be good, so enjoy your life.

Anonymous said...

:) i hear ya girl!!