things i'm loving.

this paper pot maker from etsian woodelements. great way to recycle those newspapers, and you don't have to buy a bunch of little plastic pots whenever you start planting seeds...

sweet (and simple!) diy tutorial on making a pouch to attach to your dog's collar.
from the b-line, found via mint

another great d*s diy project: homemade citronella candles
this will certainly be added to my project list... we have lots pesky little mosquitoes that we can't seem to get rid of!

woolly wally pocket gardening systems. i can imagine having these taking over the walls of the storage shed...

this beautiful sneak peek of shay (from fossil)'s home on d*s. it's so great to see such a bold use of color and stuff!

and... my mooncup (caution: this is just for the ladies!) if you have not ever heard of this, it's about time that you have, i wouldn't trade mine for anything... thank-you, to the ladies of etsy, for making me aware of such things. they certainly don't teach you any alternatives in school. 

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